Typical installation application

Whilst denoted a 'typical' application, this will have an infinite number of possibilities. The ground level and water level can vary on opposite faces, from being level each side to whatever the site conditions dictate.

A basin can be adapted to form an integral retaining wall should the conditions require it, rather than be a standalone basin in front of a separate RC wall. The most common application of the SCFB is at the entrances to underground car parks and riverbanks

SCFB care park

In several cities it is by law not allowed to build an underground car-parks in flood prone areas when these car-parks are not protected with the SCFB. They SCFB is the only flood barrier that is approved for underground car-parks, because with a fast flood it will automatically close 100% waterproof within a minute without any human intervention

SCFB in a quay situation

In a quay situation along a waterway or river the SCFB offers a good protection till unlimited lengths. Cities or villages industrial areas and ports can so be protected by fast rising tides with floodwater.

SCFB for Metro station

Metro and metro stations are vulnerable for floods. Urban floods have brought thousands of metro travelers in great danger. The SCFB at the entrance of these stations will protect travelers for this danger. With the SCFB the underground metro can be 100% protected 7/24 hour.

SCFB in urban situations

In an urban situation where no waterway is nearby the SCFB can be used in every street by connecting it to a drainage sewer. Herewith the SCFB can protect private property as shops, banks, hospitals power-stations offices etc.

SCFB in highways

Even along or across a highway or railway with heavy loads the SCFB can resist floods. The use of an SCFB in a highway application requires a load transfer slab to reduce the effects of the increased surcharge loads. Alternatively the basin will be designed for the surface loads arising from the highway loads.

SCFB In a floodwall

In quay situations with a low floodwall where the view of the environment is important and where it is not possible to build a high permanent higher wall, the SCFB is the right solution. With the SCFBconstructed in the existing wall it is easy to get a solid and high protection without losing the view. In the image you see the SCFB implemented without Service pit. Fore this the water must fall below the water drainpipe of the barrier.

SCFB as dike raising

It is not longer necessary to raise dikes and therewith affecting the natural landscape permanent. With the SCFB system you get a stronger dike and only a temporary raising when is necessary.

SCFB in a dike passage

Passages in dikes are often in remote areas and therefore give often a change of manual operating failure by closing. 
By using the SCFB in these situations you get a 100% protection 7/24 hours.