About the HYFLO Self Closing Flood System BV.

HYFLO was established in January 2014 to set up the production for the Self Closing Flood Barriers (SCFB) to meet the growing requirement for global solutions to extreme flooding events and to establish the highest possible quality fore all the components. Therefor all the components were redesigned by Hyflo civil engineering specialists and there are subjected to strength calculations and various tests. In total the SCFB underwent in excess of more than 70 tests; these tests included static load, dynamic load, buoyancy force, sand and gravel tests, duration tests (35 days) extreme cold temperature tests, earthquakes tests, and obstruction tests. These tests concluded that the barrier never stayed stuck and rose up in all tests. The SCFB remained watertight in all tests. The SCFB is made of very durable materials designed to last for 50 to 100 years and remains virtually maintenance free of many years.

HYFLO Production

All the components of the SCFB are produced in the Netherlands and are recorded and tested. One of the main components of the SCFB is the floating wall. This floating wall consists of a foam core with a fibreglass outer layer. The wall are reinforced with composite profiles and woven fibreglass and is fabricated in a special designed mold that the floating walls can be made out of one piece. This combination will give the wall extra strength and makes it very light. Because of the unique design each section can resist at least three times the maximum water pressure. 

The SCFB can be built at any required length: 1 m - 10 m - 100 m - 1000 m and more.  To meat all the requirements Hyflo will make every barrier to fit. The wall is fabricated in nominally 1 m lengths with a close tolerance. The floating walls are connected to each other with a special designed reinforced rubber strip and RVS mounting strips. The basin from the Self Closing Flood Barrier can be built out of concrete or steel. Depending on the requested length and location the Hyflo dealers can advice what the best option is for this location and if a service pit is needed. Hyflo and the dealers can help and support local architects and civil engineers with the necessary calculations and drawings.   



The SCFB can be build at any required length. The basin from the SCFB can be build in concrete, galvinized steel or stainless steel. Depending on the requested length and location Hyflo or her dealer can advice what the best option is for the specifuc location. The floating wall consists of a PUR foam core with a fiberglass or GRP outer layer. The walls are reinforced with composite profiles and textile fiberglass. The wall is fabricated in 1 m lengths (deduction of a notional tolerance) and connected together to form the overall length of the required barrier. The connections of the walls to each other are done by a reinforced rubber strip and stainless steel mounting strips. Because of the unique patented design of the SCFB and the strength of the floating wall the barrier can be build in every required length.

Steel Basin

Concrete Basin

Becoming a SCFB dealer:

For the SCFB Self Closing Flood Barrier systems we are looking for qualified dealer with an established distribution and marketing musle in the civil engineering to meet local or domistic demand and conditions to market,