General description

The Self Closing Breakwater SCBW is a unique effective system to protect coastal quays by floods and heavy waves for damage. The SCBW is special designed to protect the SCFB Self Closing Flood Barrier or other flood barriers in an urban situation. It not only breaks the waves but also will protect the coast for collisions of vessels, floating around containers or other debris. No mobile flood defence systems are made to resist big and heavy waves. With the SCB a solid flood barrier as the SCFB can now withstand the forces of the broken flood waves that are strong reduced. The SCBW can be used at open waters, ports and rivers.

Working Principle

The SCBW consist of pipes and are placed in a line along the coast before the SCFB. The breakwater consists of hollow pipes connected to each other and can float up in outer hollow pipes. The barrier pipes are built with an intermediate space that allows the water to flow free through the barrier. With high tide and waves the outer pipe is filled through a overflow inlet pipe with water. The barrier pipes now float up and lock at its highest point. The waves will be broken through the barrier pipes and the water that flows through the intermediate spaces the power is reduced and is going free up and down against the flood barrier. 

Key Benefits

  • The SCBW is not a flood barrier, but breaks heavy waves that will break on the coast.
  • With the SCBW it is possible to protect in combination with a SCFB flood barrier urban floods.
  • The SCBW is invisible when it is not in use.
  • To set up the system no manpower is required
  • The systems is maintenance free