More than 20 years of experience in flood protection

Self Closing Flood Door SCFD

The SCFD a unique effective flood defense system to protect people and property from inland waterway floods caused by heavy rainfall, gales or rapid melting snow. The SCFD have been developed to protect doors, double doors and small gates against floods. The working principle is very similar to that of the larger SCFB™ but with its reduced scale, it does not require a service pit but is filled by rising floodwater, through a small inlet pipe.

Spakenburg The Netherlands / SCFD 600 / 1,9 meter

Spakenburg The Netherlands / SCFD 600 / 1,9 meter


The standard protection heights for the SCFD are: 300 mm and 6000 mm, 

all other heights are possible on special request. 


The SCFD have standard length from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 3, 3.5 and 4, meters The basin from the SCFD is build out of polyester. The floating wall consists of a PUR foam core with a fibreglass or GRP outer layer. The walls are reinforced with composite profiles and textile fibreglass. The wall for the SCFD is fabricated oud of one length to fit the required barrier. The SCFD can be build in every required length (up to 4 meters) if necessary. The basin than will be mate out of stainless steel. 



1 meter 

1,5 meter

2 meter

2,5 meter

3 meter

3,5 meter

4 meter

SCFD 300








SCFD 600 








Key benefits

   No warning system and warning time required

The SCFB is not energy driven and operates without any human intervention and gives 7/24 hours a full 100% protection. Even when there is a power outage the SCFB will raises instantly though the rising water level.

  No manpower required

This makes the SCFB not only reliable but also the most economical flood barrier in the long-term. Training people and testing barriers request a lot of manpower and for every job there must be at least two reserve men which must also be trained. The SCFB request no manpower and for testing the barrier very few people are required.

  No storage needed

In resting position the SCFB is invisible and fully self-protected at the location in the ground. No storage elsewhere and transport is needed in case of testing or a flood situation.

  Short closing time

Because of the short closing time the barrier will only comes up when there is a flood situation. No unnecessary falls deployment is needed. So the area remains accessible until the last moment.

  Low operational cost

All applied elements represent the highest quality, with a unlimited time length. The recommended frequency for maintenance and testing of a flood barrier is once or twice a year. The SCFB can be connected to the main water supply ore filled by a pump. By filling up the pit the barrier is lifted automatically and ready for inspection so this is a one-man job.